Create A World Of Your Own

I Want to Dream:

If you’re interested in creating your own virtual playground online, then welcome to the family! In February of 2007, the Netcraft Web Server Survey found 108,810,358 distinct websites, which means that certain efforts should be made when starting a site of your own. There are several steps to take when creating a web site or blog, and I have written a short guideline to this process. My services are available upon request. (For more information about me and my design history see my About page and Portfolio Hub.)

A broad range of my services are available for contract. Since every job, client, and request is unique, quotes are only obtainable through direct contact with me, and a detailed analysis will be made. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions of any kind regarding starting your own web site, or looking to contract a designer for promotions of any kind. I also offer consulting services along with design solutions, and if you’re in need of some direction I can do my best to help guide you to the best solution.

The Horizon:

With social networking tools on the quick rise, blogging websites have quickly become the method and vehicle for voice, e-commerce and verbal opinion online. I have worked as a designer and developer for a decade. The tools and methods for creating a web site have vastly improved, giving the average person more power over his or her web site. Fully animated web sites as well as HTML based web sites still require the expertise of a pilot to fly the plane, but blogs have eliminated the middle man (sort to speak) and have put the user at the controls. It’s a different method today, and the average Joe now has some idea of HTML code. This is important to mention because it will help determine what kind of web site or project you are looking for.

The Break Through:

In my experience Myspace was one of the first of popular social networking applications to extend itself by allowing subscribers to modify their own HTML code on their profiles. Since then, I have witnessed and assisted, average non fluent HTML users mold there profiles on Myspace. The importance of this is epic, most people, though frequent users of a computer, due to business or school are not web designers or developers on any level. The breakthrough came when subscribers started to learn HTML code and applying it to their profiles, starting off small with images and color changes to templates but then later implementing somewhat complex coding for mp3 files and animated images to help mold there profiles to be distinct from the other twenty two million people subscribed. This spawned a new era and quickly tossed those quick learners into the fore front of Blogging (a contraction of the term weblog). Those who understood the basic principles of standard HTML (hypertext markup language) were able to wrap their minds around blogs, which follow the same principles of letting you manage and manipulate the feel and look of your website.

Under the Crust:

What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG), I learned this term years ago when using several web development tools and it generally applies to software that shows you a live preview of what you are developing as you work on it using simple tools, instead of later exporting your project and it looking like ....well not what you intended. This principle is one of the single most important areas of online blogging; you can manage your own website and implement your own media into your website without the hand holding of a web designer. Various free blogs provide you with this system, a live preview of what you’re writing or developing simultaneously while logged into your admin.

You can upload various images and media including videos and music and store online in the database. This is something that simply was not available to a normal web surfer ten years ago, and more importantly is that you can do it from any computer anywhere in the world. This means that most people can take control of the reigns to their own site, once it’s been designed and setup. Blogs allow average web surfers to maintain and manage their own web sites, with the option to create new pages, creating new posts, and adding images and videos to their site in a seamless effort that can be compared to just posting something new in your own Facebook profile. The simplicity is something that has attracted so many people to this method and form of website.

Now What:

So now you have decided to create a blog or a web site, now what? Well the first thing you need to address is, every site has a purpose and every owner has a message or goal. When I got started in this business, my clients were solely business owners, today they range from Musicians, Artists, Tattoo artists, Photographers, Architects, Chiropractic Doctors, Doctors, Real Estate, Importing & Exporting, E-commerce, and heavily voiced bloggers as well. The key here is to have a well formed strategy and plan. Be informed and provide your future visitors clear and decisive options. If you sell shoes, then try to envision what you would like to see when you enter a shoe store. Less is more and easy to follow guide lines is the best weapon you can have when inviting people into your web domain.

Soo Many Layers:

Blogging is just one of the many forms of web sites you can have. Animated websites using FLASH as well as static (non- animated) websites are on the Graphyte's menu as well. My clients have ranged from many demographics, pending on which one you fit into, certain clients require constant management of their site, with newly added pages or posts each day. The dynamics and ease of a blog fits well for this type of client, though it’s not the only solution. If you have a Real Estate business and only have a few pages to your website and don't require daily maintenance then you might want a flashier web site and be a bit more flattering then a blog site. Precisely why each client is managed differently, and every project is handled with care. I pay close attention to the needs of my clients and make sure they are fitted with the best possible solution in order to aid them reach their goal.

Let Me Speak to Your Manager:

I have met with many of my clients and established great relationships, due to my dedication and work ethic. In many cases new clients bring new projects but there have been several occasions where new clients bring old baggage. For example a new client can have an existing account with a hosting company (hosting company provides a home for your website) and an already established website but has lost control over it. I have helped several clients regain control of their abandoned websites. Abandoned meaning a site that was created under a developer and then at some point, communication with that developer was severed, leading to problems such as, lost FTP (File Transfer Protocol) information, lost passwords, lost server accounts, lost domain account, and so on.

This can be troublesome to fix but not impossible, generally control can be regained. Unfortunately, a web sites shelf life is dictated by the dedication of the business or the owner. When hiring a designer or developer it should be thought of as an investment. You would never let a $3000 Plasma TV sit in the rain; therefore a web site of any monetary value should be treated with some respect especially when you’re sharing personal information with the rest of the web community. Smaller sites that have little need for constant upkeep and can fall victim to abandonment. It is detrimental to establish a healthy level of communication with your web master and be able to illustrate the type of project you envision, so that the goal can be achieved, and that the life of your project can reach its full potential.

Where Do I Sign ?:

Designing web sites is a lengthy and delicate process, as you are dealing with someone’s time and money. Good communication is the most undersold item when finding a good artist or designer, being able to communicate rapidly and clearly is damn near life threatening in this business. If you have ever bought a disassembled table and put it together only to find out you missed one important piece and have to start all over again?..... Well design is very much like that. Communication is very crucial, especially when working on creative projects of any kind. Through the years I have worked on many projects and met excellent clients and have had the opportunity to work on great projects. Every day is a chance at becoming part of something new and innovative and I welcome new ideas.