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Graph Gear

Graph Gear are t-shirts illustrated and designed by The Graphyte and can be ordered by request through the contact form. Future designs will be added along to the portfolio but will also live in a separate section Read more

Star & Buc Wild Party

The newly re-designed web site for morning show "Star & Buc Wild" on Pulse 87 FM has been receiving some positive... Read more


This week a newly appointed banner was added to my site, as well as some other decals, and though not the most interesting news, most... Read more

Logo a go go

After toting the Imagination Squared Logo for over 7 years I have newly created my own insignia to brand on paper or cows. Read more

Scuba Graphyte

This year I managed to go Scuba Diving for the first time, which is a big deal, especially when you don't have a license to do so. I traveled to Sosua in Dominican Republic... Read more