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Use File System Check Your Mac seems stable and healthy, and you figure you’ve got it made. Because of this, you’re probably thinking you don’t need to check the file system for errors.  Don’t do that though, because there may be problems lurking in the background that you can’t see. Just as it’s a good […] Read more

Web Dev Tool for Firefox

If you're a web developer using css, this is one tool you need if using Firefox, greatly reduce painful seizures from be reluctant to find broken code. Read more

Get Validated

Designers listen up, code isnt perfect thats why its poetry, getting your site validated might save you a long night of Redbull and Mountain Dew... Read more

Can't see my shadow

Can't seem to find your shadow? Thats because the recent update for Shadowbox JS managed to do more damage then good... Read more

Go Daddy Mail

GoDaddy has been my host of choice for the last 8 years and is probably one of the best choices for hosting solutions, but this post isnt a plug, simply a notice for... Read more