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People in Gear

Within recent months I've been contracted to work on logo and splash page for Clothing Designer and Talent agent Lymarie Perez. For show bookings and questions her contact information can be found at Read more

New Banner Design for Star & Buc Wild

Last week I reached out to morning radio show host "Star" (Troi Torain) and suggested a professional design solution to there web sites main banner. I submitted a newly designed banner for there web site and they chose to use it and is currently visible at Read more

Imagination Squared Interactive's New Home

Officially the new designated home for all my design works and illustrations. I created and conceptualized Imagination Squared Interactive in 2001. Now seven years later I have moved on and I’m currently available as a Freelancer for graphic works of multiple mediums. Using Word Press has many benefits and being able to add current works […] Read more