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Packing Blockbusters

Well Ipod lovers as if you didnt know you can carry an arsenal of movies on your ipod touch, well perhaps not an arsenal since the latest apple has spoon fed us is a 32 gig ipod touch, which is a betrayal of trust amongst its consumers. They have managed to squeeze more then 80 […] Read more

Whose Watching?

Back when I created Whoseleft I stumbled onto an interesting fact and added my discovery to the site located here. New York has serveral hidden cameras that not many are people are aware of. These cameras in particular are being broadcasted on certain websites. Whether you know it or not, New York City and some […] Read more

Revisiting Imagination

Since inception I have run Imagination Squared Interactive studio, for nearly 8 years now and recently mentioned that I will be focusing my efforts into my own personal online portfolio. It has given me a wide array of mediums to work with, and not solely basing my work on web design. I have met many […] Read more


In conjunction with my sister project and site Earth day is something everyone that cares about actually breathing within the next 20 years should get involved in. Earth Day will celebrate its 39th anniversary on April 22, 2008. The Earth Day Network (EDN) is organizing a series of large-scale, day-long events to take place […] Read more

What you're used to

Visitors of will find that it's no longer the same design you see below. The design studio I once created has now transitioned into an online portfolio for my projects and illustrations. Simultaneously the site is a form of contacting me when seeking independent projects of various mediums. Imagination squared Interactive has been around […] Read more