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Creating Social Symphony

Social Symphony is small micro-site geared towards creating harmonic social marketing... Read more

The Kinetic Music Group

The Kinetic Music Group is a company dedicated to the creation and development of musical artists. This micro site is phase one of the digital movement that is to follow in the next year. Here's a little about the group... Read more


vatar is easily going to be the years best Sci-Phi movie, considering they give up the plot within the first 5 seconds of the trailer... Read more

Get Refurbed

For those of you apple enthusiasts, apple has quickly dominated the market and for good reason, they make amazing products. No one can deny that Apple products are sleeker and sexier, and many products are trying to emulate what Apple has done and for good reason. Laptops are quickly starting to look and feel like […] Read more

Mo Sense

I mentioned in an earlier post that, both Xbox and PS3 are at the 5 year bench mark, meaning this is generally the time frame for new systems to be mentioned for the coming future at the very least. Both companies have mentioned that this tradition will be changing this time around and that further […] Read more