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Can you stand still for this?

"The Day the earth stood still" clearly a remake of the 1951 film "The day the world stood still" will be making its way to theaters as soon as December, Keanu Reeves playing the visitor from outer space in this last ditch effort to save the planet. The film is set to borrow a lot from the original movie, the setting is obviously set to present time, so the chaos and panic is sure to be on a grander scale and the movie ... Read more


Watchmen is a twelve-issue comic book limited series written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons. Originally published by DC Comics as a monthly limited series from 1986 to 1987, it was later republished as a trade paperback, which popularized the "graphic novel" format. To date, Watchmen remains the only graphic novel to win a Hugo Award, and is also the only graphic novel to appear on Time Magazine's 2005 list of "the 100 best English-language novels" published since the founding of the magazine in 1923... Read more

Cobra Strikes Again

It seemed about 20 years ago that I would wake up early Saturday morning and gather all my G.I. Joe toys together to make an epic battle within the living room as I sat an watched the cartoon show, and of course during the week too. I remember it being some of best american art available aside from Transformers at the time, even though I'm not quite sure of the animators at the time so thats just a guess it was all American. But it certainly held a sense of pride since the characters were the type you could find within your world, at least the good guys... Read more

God is War

The Epic saga of Kratos continues next year, in 09, the long awaited fourth installment of the series. Finally kratos has made it to the next gen console, and probably make those infamous interactive sex scenes just a bit more rewarding when watching in HD. The first game was a huge success and the best story telling that I have ever watched in a video game. Its extremely compelling and addictive and the story and action keeps you playing until the very end... Read more

Raising Hell

Director Guillermo Del Toro continues the epic visual representation of the comic book title "Hell Boy". The first Hellboy was a great start in the series, visually impressive both with makeup and digital animation. The incredible attention to detail and exploration of dark art was inspiring for any artist, the second edition to the series seems to catapult over the original with a deep exploration of dark artwork and animation. Guillermo definitely knows his demons and demonstrates it well in this new tale... Read more