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Facebook 360

So dig this, Facebook for Xbox 360? For those of you gaming nuts, including myself, realize that the 5 year bench mark is up! Officially both Xbox 360 and PS3 have hit there 5th year anniversary which means thats its just in time for the new kid to show up and shove there old asses violently off the block while deeply inserting there conglomerate fingers into your coin purse and taking your hard earned cash... Read more


Well as if we didn't have enough thoughts of world domination or destruction , movie studios keep pumping out the what if titles that generally pertain to something huge natural disasters. I'm guilty of all counts because i will be somewhere with plush seats when this one comes out. Not sure whats more entertaining here the CG or the countless efforts they take in giving Nick Cage a believable wig to wear in every movie... Read more

Steel Revenge

As we all knew, the transformers movie sequel has finally released its new trailer spot during superbowl. The original movie was a testament to new and innovative computer graphic technology. The first movie had great lighting and textures and fully captured the vision of the cartoon series at least in my mind. As a generation […] Read more

Play with your Sack Boy

Little big Planet is Sony's newly unveiled secret weapon this year, along with using it as a serious Powerpoint presentation during E3 to introduce its Fall lineup. Once again proving simplicity is always best, by design and by concept, though little big planet offers more then just a few customizable bean bag sacks. The game is unexpectedly deep as you can either choose to play through the developers initial level design, or create... Read more

Never go full retard

Everybody knows you don't go full retard" is one of the many quotes in the movie that Robert Downey Junior has in this movie and it clearly makes the movie funny. Its been a long year for the star that's been in at least 4 films over the last year either released or still in production. I never pay to go see comedies in the theater but this is one that I would have no qualms shelling out the cash... Read more