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Beastly Music Video

The "Beastly" music video was created for good friend and musician "Mike Check", and has since release has quickly grown in notoriety. Its directed by Gabriel "The Graphyte" Torres and produced by "TKMG" music group. Read more

Back to Black

Its all about depth... being able to push another dimension into a piece is always challenging and rewarding. Photoshop and Illustrator are like arm and hammer to any designer. Read more


This term refers to searching engines basically putting you on a blacklist and sighting your web site as a malicious site with faulty code or harmful coding.... Read more

Get Checked

I just recently finished the album cover and logo for musician Mike Check, which will be on a CD release in the coming weeks, as well as a newly anticipated web site to follow the CD. I've been a fan of the music for some time now, and will likely add featured tracks from […] Read more

I love cupcakes

Friend and sister site to The Graphyte is, a newly opened cupcake bakery in Greenport, Long Island. Butta' Cakes specializes in cupcakes, also creating amazing cakes, breads, pastries, & crepes. With a breakfast and lunch selection that is sure to make this a regular love affair. If you had a long day, go and unwind with some cheese or dessert fondue and a glass of wine... Read more