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Whats new in Photoshop CS5

Since the merge between Macromedia and Adobe, Photoshop remains one of the most powerful tools in any digital designers tool shed, and they continue to impress. Now on version CS5, they continue to astound designers with powerful rendering solutions. Read more

2 Advance Me

A decade I have been studying digital art and trying to perfect my craft, though never perfect, and since then I have been a huge fan of... Read more

Pulling you're Card

If you have ever seen "American Psycho" the movie when Patrick Bateman shows his business card to his colleagues... Read more

Shadow Boxing

The days of pop-up windows have long changed, and gladly for the better. From pop-ups to pop-unders, separate java windows and different callout names... Read more

Revisiting Imagination

Since inception I have run Imagination Squared Interactive studio, for nearly 8 years now and recently mentioned that I will be focusing my efforts into my own personal online portfolio. It has given me a wide array of mediums to work with, and not solely basing my work on web design. I have met many […] Read more