Welcome to The Graphyte online, my name is Gabriel Torres and also go by The Graphyte. I ran Imagination Squared Interactive from 2001 to 2008 and at the time decided to focus on my own creative works outside of the design firm. Many works within this online portfolio are of Imagination Squared design because I have been the man behind the machine for the period of its existence and like showing the evolution of my artwork.

Author of www.TheGraphyte.com and all works are Designed by Gabriel (The Graphyte) Toress

Though designing websites and creating dynamic animations within websites was my strong suit I have leaned away from "web design development" and redirected my talents solely on design. I can still be contracted on projects for web design but only in rare cases. I have designed illustrations for top companies as well as designed websites for small businesses. I am currently using word press as the medium of choice to display new works and projects that I create.

For those fans of Imagination Squared Interactive that have come back to revisit the site and are now finding its no longer the same look or name, please know that the artist behind the machine is still here, please feel free to comment and post critiques on new work that I add to the site.

Those of you that are fans of Imagination Squared Interactive, thank you for your support and interest, in this once dedicated design firm. I worked as a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and Web Developer at channel Thirteen WNET from 2006 through 2009 and since then began pursuing new projects. For the last 14 years I’ve dedicated myself to producing creative works and creating a new platform for interesting and experimental forms of art. I started Imagination Squared Interactive with at the time partner Adrian "Viajero" Roman, back in August 2001. Since then, Adrian moved on in the early stages of the company, and I took the reigns. He can be found over on his site http://viajeroart.com

The journey continued on from there, I’ve met many great clients that have embraced my concepts and creative vision. Unfortunately relationships and websites don’t always last forever, and many projects that I have worked on, have expired due to lack of upkeep by the client or lack of funding. Many businesses go under, it's a natural thing, and due to that, most times sites expire or are taken down.

My current portfolio is a work in progress, now that I try to collect all my works over the years, and showcase them it has become a full time passion of mine to build a virtual gallery. Though I am currently dedicated to piecing together my portfolio, I’m always available to get started on new and interesting projects. At this time I prefer projects that are design based with very little coding involved, but there are always exceptions, pending on the type of project.

Aside from my portfolio, I also take interest in posting anything that is informative for designers as well as non designers. Initially I decided to start creating posts to form a database for myself instead of just book marks on my browser, and I took an interest in writing as well. I don't claim to be writer, only looking to help fellow visitors with some informative news generally related to design or the web. Along the way I have found some pretty interesting facts and sites, that I was happy to share with others by posting on my site, and have received great feedback that helps drive me to continue to do what I do.