10 Nov 2010


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We ended October on a great note at Akai Lounge. TKMG (The Kinetic Music Group) hosted a powerful event featuring great artists in a movement to revitalize good Hip-Hop as well as good music provided by DJ Mr. Famous. The night was hosted by Comedian Marcus Jonson, and followed by a energetic performance by Golden Child & The Chosen. Julia Ligregni brought some powerful soul sounds to the stage, and the night continued on with the Intellect of Marxman.

We capped off the night with Mike Check, and between the black lights, glowing paint, and the intense message of the song selections, it was a night to remember. We strive to be the best at what we do and appreciate all of our supporters. Photos & Video will be posted on www.mikecheck1212.com, photos are available now for anyone who attended and would like to see images of the event, it was a great atmosphere and great group of individuals that came to show support & love for good music and we thank all of you.