28 May 2010

The Kinetic Music Group

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The Kinetic Music Group is a company dedicated to the creation and development of musical artists. This micro site is phase one of the digital movement that is to follow in the next year. Here's a little about the group.

Weaving your way through today’s music industry can be more complex and costly than one can imagine. Through the use of creative and inexpensive recording, marketing and promotion techniques, The Kinetic Music Group has just made it a bit easier. With extensive use of the Internet and utilization of the vast amount of worldwide resources, TKMG is positioning itself in a class of their own.

TKMG has built a team of experienced professionals that specialize in all facets of the music industry. This enables us to guide you, the artist, from the basement to the Big Stage. Every TKMG consultant takes a personal interest in the needs of each individual client and develops a unique relationship. With this, we formulate a specific strategy for each client, which will result in maximum industry exposure. Whether your genre be R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop, or Pop, we find the tools necessary to advancing your career to the next step. We look forward to showcasing your talents to the world!