17 Nov 2009

Web Dev Tool for Firefox

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Web devleoper tool bar for Firefox

Web devleoper tool bar for Firefox

Every week I highlight a free or inexpensive software product that I like to use as a Web developer. And I realized this week that I'd been leaving off one of the tools I use nearly every day - the Web Developer Toolbar. This is a Firefox Add-on and you can install it in Flock and Seamonkey as well. And as I said, I use it constantly. It has features like:
  • Disable different actions like JavaScript, refreshes, page colors, CSS, and more
  • Work with cookies right from the bar, like deleting them, turning them on and off, even adding them
  • Play with CSS, forms, and images on the page
  • Get all kinds of information about the page as you're viewing it
  • Outline specific elements (like tables, headings, links, and frames)
  • Validate HTML, CSS, accessibility
  • Even change the viewport size to approximate different resolutions
  • And so much more
Even if you're a developer who doesn't believe in using add-ons in your browsers, you should consider including this one. It provides so much value in a very small footprint. The only days I don't use it are the days I don't turn on my computer.

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