26 Jun 2009

Can't see my shadow

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Can't seem to find your shadow? Thats because the recent update for Shadowbox JS managed to do more damage then good. If you currently upgraded your shadowbox js plugin to the latest version, which is 3.0. then you might find, your shadow has gone missing. Any previous version will continue to work if you avoid the upgrade, but upgrading isn't necessarily a bad thing.

To there credit developers continue to create and update these free plugins so it aint all bad, especially when it just quits on you randomly. Unless you have a professional license, I wouldn't piss and moan too much, although painfully updating countless pages on your blog could leave you screaming into a pillow. Thankfully you can always do some research before you try to do it the hard way, and according to forums, the problem might be related more closely to the version of PHP your server is up to. So if you needlessly turn off and on all your plugins in a desperate act of trying to reclaim your shadow, have no fear. Chances are you don't have a conflicting plugin interfering with the shadowbox plugin, or the other countless bugs you may think your experiencing.

Fortunately you can install the old version of shadowbox js and just go back to old functionality before the upgrade. I currently don't know how many major differences there are to the latest update, besides stability, but if you find that its too troublesome to move forward here is the last working version of shadowbox js before the upgrade. Simply unpack the zip file and upload to your plugin folder on your server. Then just activate it in your wordpress admin as you would normally and you should be back to normal from there, and old posts will retain there shadowbox functionality. Although Its always wise to save an original copy on the side considering the files sizes are pretty small, it might save you future restful nights.

Below is an image that works with the shadowbox js plugin.