06 Oct 2008


The Artist No Comments

This week a newly appointed banner was added to my site, as well as some other decals, and though not the most interesting news, most WP designers take pride in adding some flare to there blog sites. Web design today is almost synonymous with blogging and something that use to only be conceivable by professionals has rapidly taken a different turn. One example is the creation of "myspace" a simple application turned into a global fixation. I am guilty of still owning an account though very seldom do I participate in the mindless messaging that comes attached to being a registered account holder. I saw an amazing boom in normal everyday people suddenly becoming competitively consumed by customizing there Myspace account, diligently searching the web for HTML codes and images to add to their pages. It could even be considered the coder boom. Something that generally was done by your more then likely coding professional was now being handled by average users, not to say that HTML was such a great mystery, just about anyone could pick up a book and start. Although if you go back a few years earlier, you would find very few people that could mention or describe what HTML was.

Now with blogging, just about anyone can create a simple site, using a CMS (content management system) to moderate the flow and tone of their site. Allowing your average person to choose from a barrage of themes and layouts, it has certainly left designers with a small field to feed from, though creating the necessity for invention and design exploration. I among millions have utilized a blogging tool to create and manage this website and there's no shame in it, if that's your vehicle on the web, one thing is certain, the need to create compelling content and websites is on a slippery slope. Now that just about anyone can create a site, designers crave to produce sites that are more attractive and visually more stunning then what some competitors have to offer. I myself have strayed from the coding forefront and have focused more on design itself, in all forms. Staying sharp within the HTML, javascript or CSS, world is a difficult task as coding gets more complex, but this is only my opinion. Thus why I have added some extra spank to the site, and as I continue trucking, I'm sure its not the last of my efforts to creating something pleasant to look at.