10 Jul 2008

2 Advance Me

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It's been nearly a decade that I have been studying digital art and trying to perfect my craft, though never perfect, and since then I have been a huge fan of 2advanced.com They are definitely pioneers of web development and digital media. I came across the site 8 years ago not sure through what medium perhaps another designer, cant say its been soo long.

One thing is for sure there design presence is something to be taken with a deep breath. Now in its fourth metamorphosis online the site and company has grown into a design powerhouse. Chances are you have visited a site they have created. There sleek and simple design is a formula many have try to follow and use as inspiration, I myself am guilty of both. Here is a sample of that formula, this sample business card model can be found on there website. They have also made available all previous versions of their site which gives you a indepth look at there evolution.