23 Jun 2008

Shadow Boxing

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The days of pop-up windows have long changed, and gladly for the better. From pop-ups to pop-unders, separate java windows and different callout names. Well that has all been simplified, although its not the newest thing on the block it still might need some explanation to new developers and simple html coders. Writers of javascript have pushed the embedded little appications to new levels not just this one.

If any of you readers have facebook or myspace account you will know much of that is done in java. For java experts and coders alike this is not ground breaking, but for those of you that are artists but don't dive in further then your knees into code, this is certainly a helpful way of showcasing your portfolio or just about any other medium you wish to display on your site. Its the simplest way of having a media viewer within your site. If your site is wordpress based then you can simply download the plugin here Shadow JS. What it does is, launch an animated window that will display an image, video, a scrolling window, and even... you guess it another HTML window.

Perhaps you have a gallery of images that you wish to slide show, well this plug-in will allow you to save your self the needless headaches of creating pop-ups to accommodate each image or making links to the next image within your gallery, this plug in does it all for you. Simply adding the extra code to each HREF will instantly have each image that launches in the window communicate and become part of an album. Same can be said about videos, be it SWF or Quicktime and Windows. Again this isn't reinventing the wheel here but its a great addition to management of your website. Great examples can be seen here http://mjijackson.com/shadowbox/

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    Very nice!