17 Jun 2008

Scuba Graphyte

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This year I managed to go Scuba Diving for the first time, which is a big deal, especially when you don't have a license to do so. I traveled to Sosua in Dominican Republic this past winter and ventured into the abyss for the first time. Although the depth was roughly 33 feet, the visibility of the boat and sky become a distant memory as you descend downward.

Once on the ocean floor small fish quickly greet you, as they are already aware you bring peace offerings, in our case crumbled bread in a water bottle, not exactly shark chum but they quickly nibble at the bread that shoots from the bottle when you squeeze it. Its definitely an incredible experience being able to swim along with schools of fish while hoping you don't bring one up back in your pocket. For anyone that has attempted Scuba Diving will agree its like entering a new world, thankfully not in your birthday suit. What are good times without forgetting them and thanking God you have it on film. I've posted some of the video, most importantly the descent to the ocean floor, though I should have my video filming license revoked for having my finger over the lens at the beginning of the clip. You might want to turn some of your own music to this clip since all you can here is Darth Vador breathing heavy.